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To be eligible to join FICPI-U.S. you must satisfy the entrance requirements and obtain the recommendation of one current member of FICPI-U.S.


To be eligible for membership, your private practice must be predominately in the field of intellectual property law, i.e., in the preparation and/or prosecution of patent or trademark applications and/or by counseling and/or litigating in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and/or related unfair competition and licensing. Additionally, for the five years before your application, you must have either been (1) engaged in private practice of law in the United States or its territories, a member in good standing of the Bar of at least one state or of the District of Columbia or of a territory of the United States, and eligible to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or (2) enrolled on the register of the USPTO for patent matters and a member in good standing as a patent agent to practice before the USPTO.


The membership fee is currently $395.00 per year.


To initiate the application process, please submit a completed on-line application:

Application for Membership or Affiliation with FICPI-U.S.


      All Applicants Seeking Membership:  

    I agree to have my name and contact information published on the FICPI website.

        All Applicants:  
      • I agree to notify FICPI-U.S. of any change in status that would affect my eligibility to become a member of FICPI-U.S. or that would affect my eligibility to maintain my FICPI-U.S. membership.
      • I hereby subscribe in writing to the aims of FICPI and the Constitution and By-Laws of FICPI-U.S. currently in effect and as amended from time to time.
      • The following Member of FICPI-U.S. has agreed to act as my reference for this application for membership in FICPI-U.S.


        Please contact the secretary for further information.